The traditional JRPG. Rebooted.

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Project Phoenix is a Japanese RPG combined with a squad-based Real Time Strategy game created by a team of talented Eastern and Western developers and artists who have worked on many blockbuster videogame titles. The team we have brought together has allowed us to fuse together Japanese artistic aesthetics and Western design functionality. As a result, we are better able to draw inspiration from the best of both worlds, bringing a richer, more immersive gameplay experience worthy of JRPG fans like you!

In essence, Project Phoenix breaks new ground in many ways, including:

  • Being Kickstarter’s FIRST Japan-based video game project!
  • Bringing together top-notch talent, combining Eastern AND Western developers with TONS of AAA experience!
  • Being Final Fantasy composer Nobuo Uematsu’s FIRST indie game project EVER!
  • Having art that balances Western functionality with Japanese aesthetics!
  • Being a JRPG developed by JRPG veterans!

Currently, the game’s planned release date is set for June 2015 and will be available for PC, iOS, and Android mobile devices. More details will be forthcoming, but in the meantime, if you would like to be a part of our vision, you can still back this project using PayPal. Let us lead the way and show how our vision can bring about a rebirth in the JRPG genre!


We are currently in the development stage at the moment and have already mapped out the storyline and the struggles that Ruffles and her newfound companions must endure. The game design is laid out and we’re working on the initial setup of the game mechanics like the combat system so that battles are as intense and engaging as possible and like the character creation process. We’re also using Unity as that provides a simple and easy platform to create and port a game to different devices. Finally, our art team is furiously working on the landscapes and character art that bring the world of Azuregard to life while our composers, including Nobuo Uematsu, complement the artists’ efforts by using the power of music to immerse you into the setting.


Project Phoenix brings together a group of world-class professionals with a unified vision of how JRPGs ought to be and are determined to bring that vision to life without major studio backing! Each member of our team has taken a creative leap of faith in joining the project. Many of them have taken time out of their personal schedule to contribute their expertise towards Project Phoenix’s success.  So while everyone has donated a lot of their time, there’s only so much more we can do for free.

The good news is that our Kickstarter turned out to be a great success, and we’re hard at work to bring the game to life. However, you can still help. Additional funds will give us the capability to include more 3D modeling in the game, hire studio time with an Academy Award®-winning audio engineer, and enhance the gameplay experience even further, reaching stretch goals that were not previously reached during the Kickstarter period.

While there are many worthy gaming projects on Kickstarter, we believe we’re not just making one game – we’re making a new way of producing games. To be truly revolutionary, we’re breaking out of the normal studio format – calling in talent and fans from around the world to provide the spark that will mark a rebirth of the Japanese gaming industry!