First, a few updates!

I didn’t see their names on the list but are Kevin Penkin and Tomoki Miyoshi still on the project?

Kevin is no longer involved but Tomoki is still involved.

Do any of the Project Phoenix artists have pixiv or Deviant Art accounts?

Unfortunately, no.

Is Project Phoenix the final name?

No, but you will certainly hear about the new name (once we have it) here first.

Update on the programming situation: We should be able to nail down contracts by late October and then we can begin scheduling out the rest of the work.


Here are some finished models from Act I as rendered in Unity. While the models are complete, everything else is not, such as lighting, textures, etc. and obviously also no animations or effects. They will also ultimately be rendered in Unreal 4 which may or may not make much difference in appearance.

(Annnnnd you will need to hit the link to see the rest…