Update #134 Music from Azuregard

Dear Project Phoenix backers,

Apologies for the late update, we’ve been very busy with Tomoki’s concert featuring “I am Setsuna” in Tokyo. However, the rest of the development team has been hard at work and making progress.

We also have news which would hasten the development of Project Phoenix in the long run, but we will be making that announcement when it’s secure. I am really happy with this development and it is currently our top priority to secure this deal. We will have to make sacrifices to make this deal work, but we owe that to this project and backers.

Yoko has made a number of changes to the Story to have a smoother feel to the First Act. Namely, the introduction to each character and how they become a part of your party. She is now working out details and is almost ready to start with the scripts.

Daniel has come up with a mechanic to change NPC behaviour dependent on the time of the day / night. To be exact, from when they wake up in the morning, go to work, to eat three meals and go back home. This could create complications but also opens up a myriad of possibilities for the players to explore, like some quests can only be opened at certain times of the day or you can only meet certain NPCs during a specific time, at a specific place. We will be testing this concept more in times to come.

Although I did promise to talk about music, Tomoki and I have been very busy preparing for the concert with Tokyo RPG Factory / Square Enix. I know this hasn’t got nothing to do with Project Phoenix but I promised transparency is important, plus this event was very public. It also shows the quality of music we are capable of producing. Here’s a site to “Winter’s End” where you can hear snippets of Tomoki’s work.

We will definitely talk about music production and present a new track by Tomoki in the next update.

Again, apologies for the late update, and we’ll see you back in two weeks.

Hiroaki Yura
Director / Producer of Project Phoenix