Update #136 Happy Halloween!

Illustration by Asami Hagiwara

Dear backers,

If you do celebrate Halloween, we hope you’ve had a great Halloween. For those that don’t celebrate Halloween, we hope you have had a great holiday!

We don’t have much to report currently as we’re mainly focussing on working on the narrative and the music at the moment.

In November, we’ll have a good musical structure on the journey ahead. We also would want Nobuo Uematsu to take more role in the making of music as we’ve re-directed a lot of the budget we’ve made in the past few years towards music.

On the note on Audio, myself, Tomoki Miyoshi and Yoshihiro Sakaguchi has been nominated for Best Audio by Golden Joystick Awards for our work on I am Setsuna. We are prepared to do go even further with Project Phoenix, as many of you know, my career started from the music side of development.

Feel free to ask questions or suggestions in regards to music, we will be clamping shut our final directions of it by the end of December.

Hiroaki Yura
Director / Producer of Project Phoenix