Update #137 Cinematics

Dear backers,

My apologies for the late update, with the combination of going overseas for work and getting sick afterwards on top of preparing for this update has delayed it’s release.

I know people have been asking for game design/play update, but today, we’d like to present part of the cinematic from the game.

We’ve had the honour of having Mr Hidekazu Ohara help us recreate a legend of Azuregard. Mr Ohara is one of the most respected veteran from the anime industry who is known for his work on Royal Space Force: The Wings of Honnêamise, Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind and AKIRA.

Here’s a message from Mr Ohara:

「ゲームの世界の発端となった架空伝説を創ろうと洞窟壁画からアプローチ。 戦い、争いを「音楽」と云う素晴らしツールで凍てつく心を溶かし 悪の象徴である荒ぶるドラゴンの闇を鎮めるが如く”五行山”からインスピレーションを受け、常に表裏一体の世界に生きる神話奇譚を表現しました。」

We started from cave paintings to illustrate a legend from the past. Through the use of “music”, warms the cold heartedness of war and hatred. Inspired by the Marble Mountains, the ultimate evil represented by the dragon is sealed within the mountain, a reminder to us all that we live in a world, inseparable between light and darkness.

This cinematic will explain the formation of Titan’s Peak and give clues to the whereabouts of a dragon and what “may” have happened to the heroes of the day.

The sound is not done yet, but we will be adding the music later.

Click here to download the video!

Please be reminded that this “feel” of the cinematic will only be used to recount the legends of the past. Please feel free to leave a comment below!

Hiroaki Yura
Director / Producer of Project Phoenix