Update #140 Classes explained: The Berserker

Dear backers,

I hope you’ve all been well.
From today’s updates, we’d like to start talking to you about classes that you’ll see in Project Phoenix. Although the concept for these classes will not change, details like names and skills may change.

Without further ado, let’s dive in!


The Berserker

The Berserker is a close combat specialist, with moderately high defence and devastating melee offensive capabilities. With ample health and resistance to damage, he is capable of dealing massive amounts of damage to single or multiple targets and be able to fill the role of a light off-tank enemies to protect less defensible classes such as the priests and ninjas. However, the Berserker is ill equipped to be the main tank as it lacks a shield

Marcus is a berserker class

The Berserker’s equipment consists of heavy plated armour and melee weapons.

The Berserker can be trained to use two handed weapons or dual wield one handed weapons.

Two handed weapons are used for critical hit heavy attacks useful against single target damage. Dial wielded one handed weapons are useful against weaker multiple targets.

We are considering to allow the Berserker to use shields to mitigate damage, but not as effective as other tank classes. For the Berserker, there are current talks about using it as offensive capability like bashing enemies will shields to stun enemies or using the shield like sledge hammers.

There are two major skill-tree for the Berserker and it splits between single target damage and multiple target damage tree.

Leader skills
The leader skill allows each squad to be lead by a character and in turn, it is characterised by a passive buff affecting the whole unit. In the case for the Berserker, as the name suggests, this unit will likely increase the damage output of the squad in exchange for increased damage suffered. This can still work favourably for the squad with combination to crowd controlling effect and a tonne of characters with area of effect damage. However, working against bosses will see a quick demise to your squad.


If you have any suggestions please let us know your thoughts and ideas that you may have. With the system we have, it is very easy to implement the mechanical changes to a class but it is most important to get the basic functionality correct to make it work in an ecosystem working hand in hand with other classes, NPCs and especially bosses.

Yoko has been working hard on each town’s character scripts. Now, in the previous updates, we’ve mentioned that Daniel suggested that we have different characters be placed in different places at different times doing different things. Not only that, they will have something different to say depending on the time of the day and what they are doing. Although it’s in Japanese, here is a spreadsheet of how we’re working to make that work.

Yoko’s work on one of the towns

We’ve received a lot of criticism, although we’ve been hard at work, backers have pointed out that instead of taking time to draw for the backers in seasonal greetings and such, we aren’t doing “real” work. However, it is our wish to express our gratitude in these updates and also spice things up instead of a wall of text, so here is a lighter version of the annual Valentine’s Day greeting illustration. It didn’t take Asami too long to draw, and I hope you all find this acceptable. These days, her time is taken up by drawing characters for high tier backers which we aren’t prepared to show yet.

Valentines brought to you by… Asami Hagiwara

Not only this, we thought it’d be fitting to also bring you music by Tomoki Miyoshi based on one of the romantic moments from Project Phoenix.

I hope these updates will slowly convince some backers that we are very serious about the game and that we do not want to stray away from our hopes and dreams for what is Project Phoenix. I would do anything to make sure this game is delivered in the best for possible. Sure, there are many things we are embarrassed to show yet, and there are many things I am doing behind the scenes to make this work, some of which will never be told. Yet we are all committed to bringing you what we believe is our best effort and at least we pray you would be able to appreciate our efforts.

Again, my sincerest apologies for the delay and our poor communications.

Hiroaki Yura
Director / Producer of Project Phoenix

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