Update #142 Classes explained: The Battle Mage

Dear backers,

Thanks for your patience. Today, we’d like to go through the Battle Mage. But first, we should clear the air to put aside a few misunderstandings.

We noticed that several of you are worried that we may have or might be using funding that we received from the Project Phoenix Kickstarter to fund a separate project of mine. I am writing to assure you that this is absolutely not the case, and we would never consider doing that.

A group of private investors was interested in a prototype of a strategy game that I had begun development on several years ago with Daniel. I used my own money to fund the prototype, and they offered to fund the project the rest of the way through. To be clear, we never mixed funds between this project and Project Phoenix.

There is a potential that Project Phoenix can get more funding from these investors if I prove to them that my team and I can ship a successful game. This obviously places an immense amount of pressure on me and my staff to make and ship the absolute best game possible for them, and the best news is that this strategy game project is coming together nicely. The worst news is that progress on Project Phoenix has slowed temporarily as a result.

I hope from the bottom of my heart that the resulting impressions and sales results from this strategy game catapult our development plans for Project Phoenix so far forward that we not only hit every one of our original Kickstarter targets—we outright dazzle everyone as a part of a new generation of Japanese developers.

Because frankly, although we are determined to prove to ourselves that we have what it takes to see Project Phoenix through, we also eagerly want to prove to you that we are not viewing your expectations from a rear-view perspective. We are determined to ship a game that will deliver on nothing short of what we have promised to you.

Now, for the update:


The Battle Mage

The Battle Mage is a hybrid magic DPS, highly suited to applying heavy single target or AoE damage against armored targets. Contrary to the common mages from other fantasy based games, the Battle Mage from Project Phoenix is not a glass cannon. Clad in armor and trained in the ways of combat, he is already a fearsome opponent before applying any kind of magical damage or enhancements. Battle Mages are found in the thick of the fighting along with the Berserker and Paladin.


The Battle Mage’s equipment consists of heavy plated armour.


The Battle Mage uses enchanted melee weapons. Capable of magically buffing his equipment, choose wisely as to how you’d want him equipped as utility of his class will depend on it.


There are two major skill trees for the Battle Mage and it splits between Single Target magic DPS and AoE magic DPS.

Leader skills

The leader skill allows each squad to be lead by a character and in turn, it is characterised by a passive buff affecting the whole unit. In the case for the Battle Mage, we are currently considering enchant damage or magic resistance for the whole squad.