Hiroaki Yura – Director & Producer

Credits: Diablo III, Valkyria Chronicles, The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya, STEINS; GATE. Founder of Creative Intelligence Arts and the Eminence Symphony Orchestra.

As the Director & Producer, Hiroaki Yura will use his extensive experience with not just blockbuster video games but also with top notch anime to drive this project forward, making sure that the team’s effort fits with the game’s vision.


Unannounced – Lead Programmer

Credits: Been a programmer since primary school, made a game engine and has worked on creating several current and next-gen console games.

Due to The Empire of Alexander’s national interests, we cannot announce this prodigal programmer’s name or his elite team until quite late in the development process. However, one thing’s for certain: he’s been a programmer since primary school, made a game engine, and is one of the leading Unity programmers in the world seeing that he is constantly being asked to join the Unity team.


Vaughan Smith – Lead Game Designer

Credits: L.A. Noire (QA)

Vaughan Smith’s most well-known title is L.A. Noire, but Vaughan has also had extensive experience working on more indie games. His key responsibility is the battle system of Project Phoenix, ensuring that it will function in a way that’s both streamlined and intuitive. His professionalism, creativity and innovation will be channelled into delivering fun and satisfying gameplay to match the striking art, music and story.


Yoko Enoki – Scenario Writer

Credits: The Dragon and the Magician series, The Black Knight series, The Legend of Umiberi series

Yoko Enoki is an award-winning fantasy writer from Tokyo, with over 80 published novels during the course of her career. She is a household name as a fantasy writer in Japan and will be using her extensive experience in the fantasy genre by unveiling the trials and tribulations that Marcus and his band undergo throughout their adventures in Azuregard.


Unannounced – Art Supervisor

Credits: Some very famous anime that everyone knows

We cannot announce this person till the release of the game.



Jun Okutani – SD Environment Concept Artist

Credits: Pokemon Gold & Yellow and Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fate

Okutani-san boasts extensive experience working as a character artist for well-known game franchises as Pokemon (in his case, he worked on Gold and Yellow). He’s also done 2D background art and a bit of the monster design for Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fate and worked on projects for companies as varied as Monolith Soft, NCSoft Japan, and Konami. Needless to say, we’re very grateful to have him on board as the SD Environment Concept artist, where he’ll be busy creating 3D environmental assets for the cities and overworld to make the world come alive!


GONTARO – Lead Artist

Credits: Tenchu

After receiving art training at Art Asylum in New York, he began his career as an artist focused on modelling design and comics art. Since then, he has worked as a 2D and 3D artist at Acquire Corp. taking part in the Tenchu game series.



TAKE-B – Character Designer / Monster Designer

Credits: Some very famous JRPG that everyone knows

The look and feel of the characters is a key feature in bringing the vast world of Azuregard to life. TAKE-B utilises his years of experience designing for world-renowned JRPGs to ensure that every character is as memorable as the story itself.


Koya Takahashi – Lead Cinematic Artist

Credits: Multi-award-winning Cinematic Artist and Illustrator for TV and other multimedia

Koya is known throughout the visual media industry for his beautiful and thoughtful art and animation which have been used by a wide variety of TV shows and museums. In Project Phoenix, Koya lends the team his skills in his intricate attention to detail by visually building the world of Azuregard on a strong foundation of lore.


Koji Moriga – Concept Art Designer

Credits: Final Fantasy XI: Seekers of Adoulin, Starship Troopers animated movie, Space Pirate Captain Harlock

Monsters and other creatures of myth and legend dwell in Azuregard and it will be up to Koji Moriga to flesh them out visually. Koji Moriga’s portfolio is filled with many high-profile works such as the expansion to Final Fantasy XI, titled Seekers of Adoulin, where he worked on monster designs as well as Space Pirate Captain Harlock and the Starship Troopers animated movie and will use his talent and experience to bring the creatures that inhabit Azuregard to life!


Asami Hagiware – SD Scharacter Design

Credits: MOGRA Paper

A natural at drawing SD character designs, young and delightful illustrator, Asami Hagiwara will illuminate joy and life into our characters at a very ‘chibi’ size.



Steffen Unger – Lead 3D Modeler

Credits: Credits: Halo 4, Crysis 3.

Steffen Unger’s top tier experience has come through games like Halo 4 and Crysis 3 and the vast skills and abilities that he brings through 3D modelling is invaluable in making sure the game’s graphics can carry the ambitious vision the team has for the game.



Yumiko Sugihara – 3D Environment Artist

Credits: Final Fantasy VIII, Final Fantasy IX

Yumiko Sugihara began her career as an interior designer before transitioning to become a game creator. She became involved with big titles such as the Final Fantasy series, where she worked on creating their 3D environments. Since then, she has been the Lead Environment Designer at Capcom and Acquire, and has worked on over 20 game titles for companies ranging from Microsoft to EA games.


Nobuo Uematsu – Lead Composer

Credits: Final Fantasy 1-10 & 14, The Last Story, Lost Odyssey, Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Founded The Black Mages, Earthbound Papas.

Nobuo Uematsu brings his extensive experience composing music for many iconic JRPGs and now seeks new challenges in the indie realm, jumping on board as Project Phoenix’s lead composer.


John Kurlander – Sound Engineer

Credits: Lord of the Rings Movie trilogy, The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim and Assassin’s Creed II etc

Although Lord of the Rings is John Kurlander’s best-known work, his experience with video games is an invaluable resource to Project Phoenix. With his incomparable talents, sound becomes an inseparable part of the Project Phoenix gameplay experience, allowing gamers to become more fully immersed in its intricacies.



Chris Nguyen – Marketing Lead / Public Relations

Credits: Founder of Anime Instrumentality

With a graduate business degree from the University of Southern California, Chris Nguyen’s involvement with Project Phoenix has allowed him to combine his passions for startups, video games, marketing, and writing. Prior to attending USC, Chris founded and still runs Anime Instrumentality, a website that focuses on anime music while also delivering talks on anime music at conventions like Anime Expo.


Budd Royce – Community Manager

A serial entrepreneur with a multi-faceted array of skills and experience from various different industries from music and film to business and marketing and of course, video games. Budd is the founder of the official Caparison Guitars community forum as well as the founder/community manager for the officially recognized community forum for DiMarzio guitar products. There’s actually so much he does that he could well be one of the most interesting men in the world. (Memes welcome)

PS. He’s an active forumite so feel free to drop by the forum and post a message. He doesn’t bite … . too hard.


Tomasz “Eskarian” Golinski – Web Designer

Credits: Veto Sports website

As our Front-End designer Tomasz will be responsible for re-designing the website. With multiple years of experience as a graphic artist, web designer, and a degree in 3D animation & game design, he will ensure that you receive the best user experience possible.


Larry Oji – Marketing

Credits: Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix, Deus EX: Sonic Augmentation album

The Community Manager Of OverClocked ReMix since 2006, Larry Oji is the social glue of the popular video game music community, always reaching out to fans and serving as an executive producer of OC ReMix’s biggest projects.


Rene Paulesich – German Localization

Credits: Xenoblade Chronicles, Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, Golden Sun: Dark Dawn

Going all the way from game tester to lead translator, Rene has been in charge of the German localization for several AAA titles before joining small Japanese game studio Spicysoft, where he is now working on both localization and game development. His experience in video game translation and his burning passion for Japanese RPGs will guarantee that localization of Project Phoenix is carried out to the highest standards.


Phil – German Localization

Credits: Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, Giga Tokyo Toybox

Having been a JRPG fan his entire life, Phil chose to go the corporate route, working in Japan for seven years. He will be bringing his experience on multiple anime- and manga- as well as commercial translation projects to Project Phoenix, to ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience for German-speaking players!