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Update #125 Update

Hi Folks,

Apologies for the downtime. Between deployments and holidays I have been swamped.

Here are things where they stand now on our programmer front:

* I have been asked to clarify that we CURRENTLY have a programmer. He has done some work and much consulting for Project Phoenix already. The problem is that his current work is delaying his full commitment here by about 2 months.

* Current estimates place dev at about 2.5 years out from completion. This is 2.5 years from the time we get our full-time programmer on board. That means we are expecting early 2018 for a finalized build and 6 months for testing after that.

* We put out the notice that we are looking for programmers to supplement the work our main programmer will be doing, as well as simply getting things started as soon as possible.

* On this note, we are reviewing the people who identified themselves to us and we will move forward to interview relevant applicants soon.

In other news:

One Uematsu theme from the game has been arranged and is pending approval. We hope to include a short video with Nobuo Uematsu in a future update and, in preparation for this, we would like to ask you for any music related questions you would like to ask. We will compile this list, possibly modify the wording, and translate a limited number of questions. Please either sound off in the comments here or message us on KS.


We know a lot of people are disappointed with the delays and organization of Project Phoenix. We are not considering refunds at this time. To initiate refunds is to give up on the project since there would be no money left to complete it. If we make the decision to call it quits then we will work out some kind of remediation with backers at that time. Until then we are pressing on.

Update #124 No time to waste

Hello again, faithful backers.

It seems our slated programmer is proving to be behind schedule in joining us… He will potentially be off of his current project and able to join us by the end of the year…

I would like to reiterate at this time that we are dedicated to seeing this project through, despite delays.

I spoke with Hiro and we have decided we just cannot afford to wait any longer. Our guy may still join us but we need to make some progress now.

I am putting out a call to any Unreal programmers who may be able to help us out. We are, of course, offering compensation but involvement would be contingent upon showing previous work, portfolio, etc. and interviews. We have a few dev friends we are hoping can help source but we would be happy to consider any recommendations our backer community could point to. Comment here or send a message with any viable leads.

Additionally, I will be hitting up the Unreal forums and making a posting there soon:

We really need programmers with experience because we do not have time for someone to learn on the fly. We have waited too long already.

We know there are many of you who will support us in this decision and we need your continued encouragement to do our best and put out the game that we envisioned. We WILL get programmers on this project and we WILL complete this game.

Thank you.


First, a few updates!

I didn’t see their names on the list but are Kevin Penkin and Tomoki Miyoshi still on the project?

Kevin is no longer involved but Tomoki is still involved.

Do any of the Project Phoenix artists have pixiv or Deviant Art accounts?

Unfortunately, no.

Is Project Phoenix the final name?

No, but you will certainly hear about the new name (once we have it) here first.

Update on the programming situation: We should be able to nail down contracts by late October and then we can begin scheduling out the rest of the work.


Here are some finished models from Act I as rendered in Unity. While the models are complete, everything else is not, such as lighting, textures, etc. and obviously also no animations or effects. They will also ultimately be rendered in Unreal 4 which may or may not make much difference in appearance.

(Annnnnd you will need to hit the link to see the rest…

Recent Updates

Hi all, new PR guy Stuart here. Sorry I missed to post on the News section of the site. I made sure to hit the forums and chat. This is all new to me.

Here are the recent updates. Hope to get everyone to weigh in so I can have a good sense of the direction things need to take.


“Is this thing on?”

“Where there’s a whip, there’s a way”

“Testing 1,2,3″