Code of Conduct [Updated on 17th NOV 2013]

Welcome to the Project Phoenix Website!

It is our intention that users feel free to engage in discussion in this community, focusing on but not limited to Project Phoenix. We want this to be a friendly, spirited environment in which players of Project Phoenix can interact and express their opinion without fear of negative repercussion. We’re all here to have fun and enjoy the game, after all. There are, however, some topics and content that we feel is inappropriate for the Forums and IRC. We ask that you follow the guidelines below to ensure that this website maintains a welcoming, comfortable setting befitting you, its great players. Thank you for your support and most importantly, enjoy!

While using these Forums & IRC, players are asked not to post the following. This includes both direct and ‘masked’ content, at the discretion of the moderators.


A ) Insensitive Racial, Ethnic, Religious and Cultural material and content

Examples: racial slurs, derogatory comments regarding an individual’s ethnic background, discriminatory language insulting any given religion and displaying hate behavior towards any culture. This includes any negative or insulting comments regarding a person’s sexual preferences.

B ) References to Explicit/Extreme sexual 

Examples: graphic discussion of sexual acts, violent behavior, pornography, any and all threats to enact sexual acts or violence to any other player


C ) Content designed only to antagonize other players

We understand that discussions can get heated and lively, but there is a line between promoting healthy conversation and simply provoking another player into escalating hostile responses.

Examples: direct insults to other users unrelated to the topic, off-topic posting designed to aggravate users, obnoxious usage of ‘image memes’ that do not contribute to the discussion, real-life threats, comments and posts that result in defamation of other users.

Note that we also include merely posting ‘TL;DR’ in this category. If you feel something is too long to read, please do not comment on it.


D ) Language Filter

If a word is flagged by our filter, there’s a good reason for that. Please respect the community standards and do not circumvent the language filter.

E ) Illegal Behavior

Examples: illicit drug references, acts of terrorism, any planning/enacting of real-world criminal activity.

F ) Disruptive Behavior


This includes such acts as: blatantly spamming, creating multiple threads about the same topic in one or more forums, self-bumping threads more frequently than once a hour.

Colorful Font and Emoticons can be useful, but don’t abuse them. Try to limit their use to enhancing your post or signature.

G ) Impersonating

This includes any attempt to imitate other players, moderators and staff.

H ) Moderators

Moderation is not a topic for public discussion. If you have any issues regarding moderation, please contact info@projectphoenix.infobanhammer_huti


In the event of an infraction, a punishment recommendation will be submitted by JModsModerators and action will be taken by Phoenix Staff.

Disciplinary action will range from posting restrictions to temporary bans. The severity of the infraction will determine the length of the ban; with permanent ban reserved for the most extreme cases.

Again, thank you for respecting the Code of Conduct and ensuring that everyone here has a friendly, welcoming experience!