Marcus Stern

Born to King Magnus Stern and the Second Prince of the Kingdom of Izaria, Marcus’ early life was marred by a great tragedy that has shaped his short-tempered personality and his outlook towards those of other races, especially Orcs. The tragedy was what drove Marcus to eventually join the feared unit known as the Death Templars. Through their training and Marcus’ single-minded dedication to become stronger, Marcus has become a weapons master and adept in swordplay, especially with the longsword and shortsword.  Unfortunately, his decision to join the Death Templars has driven a wedge between him and his family and even now, their relationship is respectful, but distant.



An amnesiac angel, Ruffles seeks to find out who she is and her place within the larger world. She’s a being of pure heart who tries to help everyone she can, even if it inconveniences her or puts her in danger. She also tries to see the good in people, doing her best to guide troubled souls out of the shroud and back on the path of goodness.




SylrianahSylrianah Tyrnearaheal

Sylrianah, the Elven Princess, has always been driven by the desire to see the world beyond the forest’s borders, but only now, taking the first steps to venture outside the sanctity of the elven lands. She shares many of her people’s traits: she’s calm, cool, and collected, with a great reverence for life, but can also seem just a bit aloof. Like many of her people, she’s stealthy, especially in forest environs and she can wield a shortbow to devastating effect, as her keen elven sights and marksmanship training make her a fine scout.




It’s not difficult to feel just a bit uneasy around Zarum.The battlemage has long had a reputation for being dangerous, with a hairpin trigger that, more often than not, leaves only destruction in his wake. This reputation allows Zarum to journey across Azuregard unimpeded, though the motives that drive him on are inscrutable to most. Those who come across Zarum’s path are advised to tread lightly lest they find their lifespan being shortened unexpectedly…



GorekGorek Greyhelm

Gorek is a dwarf with a jovial personality whose thirst for the beer cups is only rivaled by his thirst for combat, both of which has made him a favorite of the Dwarven King who finds his skills with his Stormhammer to be reliable and his seemingly endless banter to be even more pleasing. Despite this seemingly happy-go-lucky attitude towards most things, if there’s one thing those around Gorek should be aware of, it’s his enormous pride which can bring him to be angry at the smallest perceived slight, especially when drunk.



Satsuki KagamizuSatsuki

Satsuki has fully embraced her training as a samurai and carries an earnest demeanor when it comes to most things. In fact, it’s often said that she’s so serious that she seems to be unable to immediately grasp the humor in many situations. She is very kind, thoughtful and introspective, though any enemies would be wise not to underestimate her as she’s capable of cutting her opponents with a single stroke from her finely honed sword skills.



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