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Sylrianah Figurine

Get your own limited edition Sylrianah figurine!  We will ship you this 1/8 scale model of the Princess secured in separate packaging from the Collector’s Edition box.

If you’ve been an avid collector of anime and games figurines, you’ve probably have heard about or even own some of Good Smile Company‘s high quality sculpts!

The first version is a Limited-Edition version which will differ from the normal version in several ways.  The Limited-Edition comes with:

  • Clothing color that will be different from the normal version and will be designed by our Art Supervisor.
  • An elven knife accessory
  • Different packaging, complete with a serial number and a Certificate of Authenticity
  • And you’ll get it months before the normal version comes out!

That a well-established figurine company known for their high quality supports us is a big boost and we look forward to working with them to not only deliver a fantastic game experience, but also an awesome Sylrianah figurine that encapsulates an aura of nobility and resoluteness as this elven princess stands at the ready to defeat any and all who dare to threaten her friends, her people, and her homeland!

Until the upgrade system is implemented, we will be manually tracking purchases of the figurines so it will not appear on your account when you log in. Once we have the system functioning, we will go back and add the figurines to each account.